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NFC+Bluetooth wireless Remote transmission
Ⅰ.Scheme Description:

    Jinou wireless remote transmission intelligent water meter solution can solv+e the shortcomings of signal interference, high power consumption and frequent battery replacement in a closed environment during the current universal GPRS signal transmission.
    Achieving ultra-low power consumption, stable and reliable communication. It can be used in the basement, underground wells, pipeline wells and other enclosed spaces.

    In the normal state, the NFC component and the BLE Bluetooth component are completely powered off.
    When the NFC-enabled mobile phone touches the NFC antenna part on the water meter, the NFC wakes up the BLE Bluetooth component, after the mobile APP establishes a wireless connectionwith the BLE parts of the water meter through the mobile’s Bluetooth, the mobile app can read real-time data from the water meter.
    Normally the communication module is in a dormant state.
    Andthe receiving function will only start to receive data when the wireless command is detected; otherwise, the sleep state continues.
    This methodgreatly reduces the average power consumption of the module and effectively extends the battery life.
    When the Bluetooth is connected, the meter reader can manually read or set the water meter’s parameters; read the water meter’s old data saved in the Bluetooth component; and upgrade the water meter firmware through the mobile APP’s menu.

Features ofthis scheme:

  1. protect the data when the power is off
    There has been seta program inside the module to protect the data when the power is off. Even in extreme situations, when the water meter’s battery is dead, the NFC-capable mobile phone can still read the historical data of the water meter through NFC to prevent data loss.
  2. 2.Factory calibration, check by batch
    Quickly check the water meter by batch through the water meter’s calibration display.
    Connecting the Standard water meters and those to be calibrated around through the BLE Bluetooth inside them, to regularly obtain the flow data of every water meter to be calibrated, intelligently compare the data, and quickly verify.

    Project technical indicators
    Acquisition period 6 hours, can be set, the collection period needs to be set and save in the water meter MCU
    Data saving 10years
    Supply voltage 3.3V
    Power consumption Working power consumption < 10mA
    working temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
    Firmware upgrade Wireless upgrade via BLE Bluetooth

Ⅲ.System function description:

    The system can be divided into three parts: data acquisition, data management, and comprehensive application
    Data acquisition: including the data acquisition equipment and smart water meters.
    Data management: Complete the functions of communication, setup and controlling with equipment and smart water meters.
    Comprehensive application: The collected data is managed according to the customer's business. The data is analyzed, performed statistical, and displayed.The interfaces of other application software will be reserved.
    After the mobile phone APP triggers the water meter through NFC, it will search and connect the water meter’s MCU through BLE to automatically acquire the real-time flow data of the water meter and upload to the server, and the meter reading personnel can enter the interface of the currently connected device, manually obtain or set other parameters of the water meter, and read the meter.
    Those information obtained and operations performed on the mobile APP will be uploaded to the background server.