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Intelligent Remote Transmission Water Meter
Ⅰ.GPRS Wireless Remote Transmission Water Meter

    1、Instant access to the Internet
    Logging on to the Internet only need 2-3 seconds.
    2、Always online
    Due to the use of "grouping" technology, GPRS users can get online without the pain of disconnection, and keep in touch with the mobile GPRS network since GPRS is "always online".
    3、Rapid transmission
    GPRS adopts group-switching technology and the actual transmission rate is about 56Kbps.
    4、Billing according to the flow
    GPRS technology is a non-connected technology.
    Users only need to maintain the connection to the network when they actually receive and receive data, thus greatly improving the utilization rate of wireless resources.
    And billing according to the flow, the service cost is quickly reduced.

Ⅱ.NB-IOT Wireless Remote Transmission Water Meter

    The remarkable progress in information and communication technology represented by the Internet of things and the breakthrough in low-cost sensor core technology have profoundly changed the form of traditional water industry and spawned a large number of new technologies, new products and new models, especially the further integration with cloud computing and big data.
    NB-IoT uses the network of operators to organize the Internet, which can realize a network of the whole city.
    NB-IoT terminal data collection can be directly uploaded to the cloud, which can further conduct big data analysis, facilitate maintenance and management, and provide advanced technical means for the construction of intelligent water.

  • Wide coverage
        In the same frequency band, NB-IoT has a wider coverage than existing wireless technologies and can be expanded to 100 times.
        Especially for scenes such as structures, underground pipe networks, and manhole covers that require depth coverage.
  • Strong link
        Compared to existing wireless technologies, NB-IoT can provide more accesses in the same base station.
  • Low power consumption
        NB - IoT power consumption is only 1/10 of the 2 g, the standby time of NB - IoT terminal module can be up to 10 years.
  • Low cost
        NB - IoT can reuse site infrastructure, radio frequency, and antennas, so deployment costs can be reduced. In addition, NB - IoT takes the chip that has technical features of low speed, low power consumption and low bandwidth, which can also reduce the cost of related modules.

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