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Beacon BEC14

1 Product Introduction:
  1. 1.1 Brief Introduction

  2.   BEC14 (hereinafter referred to as beacon) is a special designed module based on Bluetooth 5.0 (single mode) technology.

      It adopts Nordic nRF52810 as the core processor and has advantages of low power consumption and fast connection speed.

      Beacon works in the slave mode, compatible with ibeacon protocol, and user can select the mode through parameter setting.
  3. 1.2 Application Scenario

  4.   1:Retail
      2:Museums, zoos
      3:Hospital navigation system
      4:Tourism industry
      5:Indoor positioning
  5. 1.3 Main Features

  6.   (1)Standby in low power consumption: It adopts Bluetooth BLE5.0 technology, and consumption is 1uA in sleep mode.
      (2)Power supply: CR2477 battery
      (3)Two-layer board technology: With two-layer PCB design, the beacon performance is more guaranteed.
      (4)Device name: user-customizable

2 Usage:
  1.   Power on the beacon, it will be in the broadcast state by default.

      The beacon can be scanned and connected by the mobile APP in the broadcast state.

      After successful connection, user can set relevant parameters in App.

      (Measured Power,Major Value,Minor Value,Adv Interval,Tx Power,Name,Password).

3 Specification:

3.1 Size:

ModelPIC Size(mm)Battery
BEC14 56*40*151pcs CR2477

3.2 Other parameters:

Attribute Factory Settings
Master/slave mode slave mode
Working Power on to enter broadcast mode by default
Password authentication type Pair
Default broadcast interval 3000ms
Default power setting 0dBm

Index Specification
Bluetooth version Bluetooth V5.0
Modulation system GFSK
Output power 0dBm
Sensitivity -96dBm
Frequency range 2402-2480MHz
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Working voltage 1.8-3.3 V
Current in sleep mode 1uA
Temperature range -40 ~ +85℃