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Bluetooth Beacon Compatible with BLE iBeacon indoor Positioning System


Jinou BLE Bluetooth/Beacon indoor positioning project adopts advanced low power Bluetooth 4.2 Technology. By setting multiple beacons in a certain range, we can provide precisely positioning of vehicles, personnel, assets, and their location and trajectory information. According to the number of beacon and the density of placement, the positioning accuracy is usually about 1m. More accurate, More smart.

  1. Self-development
  2. high positioning accuracy
  3. a wide range of coverage
  4. low deployment costs
  5. the implementation of fast
  6. a wide range of applications
  7. monitor move track
  8. Item find
  9. Indoor navigation

  1. Warehouse management indoor positioning.
  2. Intelligent indoor location of Library.
  3. Intelligent indoor positioning of moving trajectory of criminal in prison.
  4. School management indoor positioning