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digital / Electronic price tag ble 5.0 electronic shelf label ESL Supermarket display price tag OEM/ODM

Product Description:
Real-time price change

User can update price, QR and picture in 3s.
The operation is in timely, flexible and convenient.

BLE 5.0 technology

Applies BLE 5.0 communication technology, which is fast in transmission rate, strong in anti-disturb and far in transmission distance.
Its power consumption meets low standard of BLE field.

Support location

Provides precise indoor location service.
Support quick search.

4 times battery life

Bluetooth low energy technology supports 5 years long normal working time.
Highly reduced cost for exchange price tag and cost for labor.
More environment friendly and effective.

Support customize service

As professional Bluetooth technology supplier,
we can offer variety of customized solutions for clients based on needs.

Easy apply method

Jinou electronic price tag combines Bluetooth,
Wi-Fi and cloud algorithm.
Offering integrated products system and
easy apply method for different kinds of clients.

Parameter Settings:
Model 1.54 inch 2.13 inch 2.9 inch 4.2 inch 7.5 inch
Dimensions,L*H*T(mm) 47*35*14 66*36*14 88*43*14 104*98*14 183*128*9
Resolution,H*V 152*152 212*104 296*128 400*300 640*380
Display Active Area L*H(mm) 27.5*27.5 48.6*24 67*29 86*64 163*98
Power 1*CR2450 2*CR2450 2*CR2450 3*CR2450 6*CR2450
Display Dot-matrix E-ink Epaper Display
Display Color Black+White / Black+White+Red / Black+White+Yellow
LED Light 3colors up to 7combination(R,G,B,C,M,Y,W)/
Frequency 433MHz Sub-GHz ISM
Protocol Private
Response Speed 5s (2colors ESL) / 10s (3colors ESL)
Viewable Angle Close to 180°
Replacement Battery Quick-Release
Battery Life ≥ 5 years
ache 4 pages
Temperature Monitoring Support
Voltage Monitoring Support
Operate Temperature 0℃-40℃
Operate Humidity 5% - 80% (no condensation)