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Social distance system
Intruding incident information including ID / time / duration recorded in tracking bracelet
Bluetooth gateway received the contact broadcasting of bracelet and upload its to server. The server will store and analyze data and display relative information in display port.
In the period of epidemic outbreak,
the tracking bracelet can more accurately record the
social track of user; and make a more rapid response
to the infection time in the epidemic situation.
Wearing bracelets when get out,
user can clock in just before leave home.
And the bracelet will broadcast its own ID
(including health status code).
The surrounding bracelets will receive this
information, and mark the RSSI signal strength,
and time mark. The records will temporarily
packaged locally and can be sent to the
server through AP device.
In background server, the RSSI signal will be
converted into distance parameters.
With the location parameters,
user can locate through the map.
In some public places,
detectors can be installed to detect bracelet status.
And once detected any suspicious status,
the detectors will alarm. If anyone is infected,
relevant experts can modify the bracelet status on
the server through the AP device.
When two bracelets are within a dangerous distance,
if one of them is suspected or infected,
the bracelet will alarm in advance.
Product Introduction
1. Bluetooth gateway
.Automatic search
The gateway has been powered on will
automatically establish a TCP connection with the
set server and start the uninterrupted BLE
searching function, which will feedback the MAC
address, device name, broadcast type, broadcast
content and real-time signal strength of the BLE
devices around to the server in time.

.Support various devices
Any devices that conform to the BLE specification,
the BLE gateway can monitor them.

.Free operating cost
Bluetooth adopt the 2.4G frequency band that is
open globally. Operating cost is free.
 Product Name  Bluetooth gateway
 Bluetooth Specification  Bluetooth V5.0
 Frequency Range  2.402G ~ 2.480GHz
 Bluetooth Protocol  LC、LM、L2CAP、ATT、GATT
 Internet Protocol  TCP/IP、DHCP
 Average power consumption  120mA@5V
 Scan Distance  30M
 Working Temperature  -20~65℃
 Size  106mm * 106mm * 30mm
Product Introduction
2. Detection Device
 Power consumption
 Working mode  Power consumption
 Broadcasting(interval 500ms)+scanning  4mA
 Dormancy (Not moving for a long time)  55uA
 Description of indicator light
 Unconnected state
 Working mode  Charge mode  Indicator light status
 Working  uncharged  Blink 1 time every 2S
 charging  Blink 3 times every 2S
 Full  Blink 1 time every 2S
 Dormancy  uncharged  Distinguish
 charging  Blink 3 times every 4S
 Full  Ever bright
 Connected state
 Working mode  Charge mode  Indicator light status
 Working  uncharged  Blink 2 times every 2S
 charging  Blink 4 times every 2S
 Full  Blink 2 times every 2S
 Dormancy  uncharged  Blink 2 times every 4S
 charging  Blink 4 times every 4S
 Full  Blink 2 times every 4S
Working frequency: ISM frequency 2.402~2.480GHz
Bluetooth standard: V5.0BLE
Spread spectrum: FHSS
Transmit power:0dBm
The transmission distance: 20M in open air
Receiving sensitivity: <-95dBm at < 0.1% BER
Working temperature:-20゜C ~ 60゜C
Power supply: 1pc LIR2032 button rechargeable lithium battery
Antenna specifications: 2.4G, 50Ω
Safety certification: AES 128bit
3. Software system  
     Jinou bluetooth gateway can be flexibly applied to a variety of bluetooth application
    scenarios, not limited to temperature testing, compatible with the advantages of ow
    power consumption, low cost, versatility.

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