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Digital Display BLE5.0 Temp and Humid Meter


1 Product introduction

    Digital Display BLE5.0 Temp and Humid Meter is a new generation sensor product developed by Chongqing JINOU Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. based on BLE and LCD technology.
    The product can display the collected temperature and humidity data on the LCD screen, and can also send the information to the mobile phone or gateway through BLE broadcast or BLE connection.

2 Product characteristics
2.1 Product features
  • Temperature and humidity display
  • Battery power display
  • BLE status indication
  • Low power consumption
  • The mobile phone can obtain temperature and humidity data through Bluetooth
  • The phone can set the temperature and humidity update frequency via BLE connection

2.2 Main technical indicators
  • Temperature measurement range: -40゜C ~ +85゜C
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1゜C
  • Temperature accuracy: 0゜C ~ 65゜C, error is ±0.4゜C
            -40゜C ~ 0゜C, error is ±1゜C
            65゜C ~ 85゜C, error is ±0.7゜C
  • Relative humidity measurement range: 0 to 100% RH
  • Relative humidity resolution: 0.1% RH
  • Relative humidity accuracy: 10% ~ 90% RH, error is±4.5% RH
            10% ~ 0 RH, error is ±7.5% RH
            90% ~100% RH, error is ±7.5% RH
  • Data update cycle during standby: 30s
  • RF operating frequency: ISM Frequency band2.402 ~ 2.480GHz
  • Bluetooth profile: V5.0BLE
  • Spread spectrum mode: FHSS
  • TX Power: 0dBm
  • Transmission distance: 20m
  • Receiving sensitivity: <-95dBm at < 0.1% BER
  • Antenna specification: 2.4G, 50 Ohm
  • Security certification: AES 128 bit
  • Standby current: about 14uA
  • BLE broadcast current: about 40uA
  • Power supply: 2pcs AAA batteries can supply power for about 5 years
  • Working temperature: -40゜C ~ 85゜C
  • Storage temperature: -55゜C ~ 125゜C

2.3 Scope of application
  • Temperature and humidity label
  • Cold chain transportation
  • Smart agriculture
  • Baby's room

3 How to use

    1.After installed 2pcs batteries, the device starts. The LCD displays the current temperature and humidity data, and the data update cycle is 30 seconds. Simultaneously send out BLE broadcast and last for 3 minutes. At this time, signal sign on the LCD screen (indicated by the arrow in Figure 1-1) flashes, and the device can be found and connected by the mobile phone. If there is no mobile phone connect it after timeout, the BLE broadcast will turned off, and the LCD signal sign disappears. Shortly press the button (indicated by the arrow in Figure 1-2) to re send the broadcast

Figure 1-1 Figure 1-2 Figure 1-3

    2.During BLE broadcasting time, run the temperature and humidity monitoring Android App, click Scan to find out the device, see pic 1.
    3. After found the device, click Connect, see pic 2.

Pic 1 Pic 2

    4. After the connected, the signal sign on the LCD screen of the device will continue to display. Click Open to read weather information to obtain temperature and humidity data, see pic 3.
    5. Click Edit to set temperature and humidity reading time interval, the setting range is 300 ~ 2550 milliseconds, see pic 4.

Pic 3 Pic 4