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BLE OBD adapter


    Type:Female BLEOBD-01

  • Bluetooth version:Bluetooth 5.0
  • Antenna:internal antenna
  • Power Consumption:3.1mA -21mA
  • RF level:Class 2
  • Max transmission rate:20Kbytes/Sec
  • Effective Distance:20m
  • Connector:DB9 socket
  • Power consumption:typical value, 30mA


Product Details

    BLE OBD adapter is a bridge product for transferring automotive OBD signals to Bluetooth wireless network.
    As a cable replacement scheme, it can forward OBD data to Bluetooth wireless network, and vice versa.
    The ble main equipment can communicate with the vehicle through the BLE OBD adapter to query the vehicle working status and various data.


Hardware overview


  • The adapter has 1 key and 3 indicator light.
  • Push-button:Short press to start the machine in shutdown state, and short press to shut down in startup state.
  • Indicator light:
  • Power: Power indicator light,It is always on in the power on state and off in the power off state.
  • OBD: Connect the vehicle OBD status indicator and flash after successful initialization.
  • LINK: BLE Bluetooth connection status indicator, which flashes slowly when not connected and is always on after connection.
  • Note: When the OBD adapter is plugged into the vehicle for the first time, it is turned off by default, and it can be used after a short press of the button.





Standard BLE5.0 standard
RF output power CLASS 2 standard
Operating frequency band ISM frequency band 2.400~2.483GHz
Spectral extension FHSS
Antenna Built in antenna
Sensitivity < -95dBm at < 0.1% BER
Implementation agreement LL, SMP, L2CAP, ATT, GAP, GATT
Working mode Slave mode
Security Security authentication, data encryption
Scope of application PC, MCU, Mobile phones, etc
Maximum working distance Wide Open Spaces 20M