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Online Education Bluetooth Gateway
Easy to achieve interactive Class

The online education Bluetooth gateway is produced by JINOU Technology company, which is dedicated to realizing the simultaneous use of multiple users. Ordinary paper and pen dot matrix system can only achieve one-to-one use. Through the Bluetooth gateway, it can be presented synchronously to the teacher's computer and screen, so that the teacher can know each student's learning process in time, so as to realize effective interaction and strengthen the effect of interactive teaching between teachers and students.


Used for Single-user, the written data is returned to the corresponding single binding account without distinction.


Used for Multi-user. Support multiple Bluetooth dot matrix digital pens to connect and use at the same time, and synchronous demonstration.



Advantage of JINOU Bluetooth gateway:

1.Professional Bluetooth products manufacturer, providing professional customized development services

2. Mature supporting system and rich technical experience help software service providers to quickly establish product system.

3. Stable supply, more than 20 years of brand precipitation, master Bluetooth core technology, diversified choice, more stable connection and smoother use

.Remote education scheme: Combined with dot matrix pen, Bluetooth gateway and online education platform, to achieve remote teaching

.Characteristic class: Through the Bluetooth gateway, the dot matrix pen is combined with the real-time class, to simultaneously display lesson preparation, interactive class, homework, etc.

.More network usage: Medical, logistics, smart home......
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         As an innovative technology research and development company with 20 years of experience, JINOU company has been committed to researching innovative intelligent education products and applying them to a variety of education and teaching scenarios, promoting the upgrading of educational equipment through artificial intelligence, large data and other intelligent technologies, providing important support for innovative education mode and improving teaching efficiency.