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BLE 5.0 Scan Gateway
Or 4.17in*4.17*1.81in


    With years of development, the IOT (Internet of Things) technology is widely used. IOT is the general term of a system consisting of objects (sensors, chips, and gateways), Internet connection, cloud/data center.

    Among these, the part of objects can be very fragmental.

    Gateway can integrate information collected from different objects.

    Internet can transmit information among each part and cloud/data center can analyze and provide solutions.

    Combining these 4 parts, it will become a big platform that can achieve deployment, analysis and application.

    This is the core structure of IOT.

  • Automatic scanning

    After powered the gateway and built TCP connection with server, the gateway will automatically scan surrounding BLE device.

    And upload MAC address device name, broadcasting type, broadcasting content and in time signal power to server.
  • Support various devices

    It can monitor the device conforms to the BLE standard.
  • Low operating cost

    Bluetooth applied to the worldwide open 2.4G band, so its operating cost is almost to zero.

Technical Specification
  • Introduction

    1)Automatically assign IP address

    2)10M/100M adaptive network

    3)360MIPS High-performance processor

    4)Average power consumption:120mA@5V, peak value 500mA(when use wifi)

    5)Size:106mm * 106mm * 30mm
  • Bluetooth specification

    6)Bluetooth V5.0 standard

    7)Frequency range: 2.402G ~ 2.480GHz

    8)Class2 Bluetooth module

    9)Bluetooth protocols:LC、LM、L2CAP、ATT、GATT
  • Internet protocols: TCP/IP, DHCP
  • Authentication: Support Wifi security authentication
  • Internet

    1) RJ45 port

    2) 10M/100M adaptive
  • Maximum scan range: 30M in open air
  • Maximum scan number: 300pcs/s
  • Working temperature: -20~65℃

Network Access
  • By DHCP router connection (Cable/WIFI optional)