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100~300M(328ft~984ft) BLE5.0 Gateway Router


    Size:20cm * 12cm * 4cm
    Or 7.87in*4.72in*1.57in

  • Compatible with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Linux system
  • 100~300M(328ft~984ft)
  • Connection: 200 ~ 300pcs BLE devices
  • Simultaneous Connection:max 20 BLE devices



Product Details

  • Easy web connection The gateway has web configuration page. User can set target server IP address and port number.
  • Flexible scanning When Bluetooth gateway scans BLE devices, it can return around BLE devices’ MAC address, device name, broadcasting type, broadcasting contents and real-time signal strength. The same device information can be returned once according to user’s commands during a scan operation, and it can be also returned according to real-time scanning condition. There is no limitation of the scanning result data.
  • Support various kinds of devices The gateway can monitor, connect and communicate with all the devices which are compatible with BLE standard. The gateway can connect at most 20pcs BLE devices at the same time.

Hardware overview

  • F1: reserved indicator
  • SYS: system indicator
  • USB: U-disk working indicator(upgrade indicator)
  • RST: reset indicator
  • LAN: network indicator
  • PWR: power indicator


We support customization of various strategy to filter target BLE devices; and support customization of various data format to upload to server.



The BLE5.0 gateway can apply to wireless education, sensor data collection, personal information management, public transportation, medical care, Connect Bluetooth gateway to StarLink Internet, barcode scanner, sensor, RFID,water/gas meters, industrial measuring device ect.



Bluetooth version BLE 5.0
Working Frequency 2.402G ~ 2.483GHz
Max Scanning Range 100~300m in open air
Antenna Embedded antenna
Bluetooth Chipset nRF52832
Bluetooth Protocol LM, LC, LL, SMP, L2CAP, ATT, GAP, GATT, SDP, RFCOMM
Supporting Service Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
Average power consumption 120mA, peak power consumption is 500mA(Using WIFI)
WorkingTemperature -20℃ ~ +65℃
Power Supply 12V 1A power adapter
Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Network RJ45/WiFi
Network protocol TCP/IP, DHCP
Size 20cm * 12cm * 4cm
Max Connection Number 20 pieces

Mode list

BTP108 BTP108-2 BTP108-S BTP108-SS
BLE5.0 Gateway BLE5.0 Gateway BLE5.0 Gateway BLE5.0 Gateway
Connect 5 BLE devices Connect 20 BLE devices Connect 20 BLE devices Connect 20 BLE devices
30M 30M+4G 30M 100-300M
Linux system
Scans unlimited broadcasting