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BLE 5.0 Smart Gateway
Class 2
20cm * 12cm * 4cm
Or 7.87in*4.72in*1.57in


    BLE5.0 smart gateway can automatically connect target slave device without scanning to find device; thus saving scanning and connecting time.

    User can pre-set data communication UUIDs, so device connection and data communication will be faster and smarter.

    The BLE5.0 gateway can connect about 20pcs BLE slave devices at the same time; and each connection link can transfer 2KB/s data.

    We support customization of various strategy to filter target BLE devices; and support customization of various data format to upload to server.

    The BLE5.0 gateway can apply to wireless education, sensor data collection, personal information management, public transportation, medical care, ect.

  • 1.Customization of data format
       Customize data format and upload to server.

  • 2.Automatic connection
       Omit scanning phase, automatically connect target device.

  • 3.Remotely check data
       Check device status and upload data from internet.