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TOF algorithm
Bidirectional data transmission    
Whole process technical support    

UWB Indoor Positioning

    The trend of wireless positioning technology in the future is the combination of indoor positioning and outdoor positioning to complete seamless and accurate positioning. Currently the network technology can not fully meet this requirement. While UWB stands out in many indoor positioning solutions because of its low power consumption, good anti multipath interference ability, high security, low system complexity and extremely high positioning accuracy.

Micro base station
Micro tag

High penetration

Ultra narrow pulse
Frequency conversion modulation

    Jinou UWB solution is based on UWB ultra wideband wireless pulse technology. Positioning algorithm based on TOF (time of flight), calculate the spatial coordinates of UWB positioning tag, which is mainly used for indoor high-precision positioning. After the deployment of indoor UWB base station is completed, locate the UWB tag worn by personnel and articles, it can know the location and active track of the target in real time, thus realize remote monitoring and management, cross-border alarm, walking track tracking and other functions. It is suitable for indoor precise positioning application requirements in small and medium-sized civil occasions.

    UWB high-precision wireless indoor positioning solution can meet the high-precision positioning requirements of personnel, equipment and vehicles in industrial application. The system can provide the best positioning accuracy of 15-30cm and accuracy of 30-50cm under general shelter. The solution can cascade multiple regions, roam across regions and locate multiple floors, and adaptively complete 1D, 2D and 3D positioning and existence detection.


TDOA Positioning

Central processing unit

Adaptive 3D positioning

    Jinou UWB positioning solution supports TOF algorithm and bidirectional data transmission. The positioning accuracy is less than 30cm and the coverage is wide (50m in normal mode and 150m in enhanced mode).

    UWB indoor positioning solution consists of positioning hardware layer, network transmission layer, data solution layer and application layer. Positioning hardware layer is the main part of the solution, including micro base station and micro tag. Network transmission layer is used to transfer the data collected by positioning micro base station to data center. Data solution layer is the key to complete the tag orientation calculation. Application layer completes presentation according to the needs of customers.

    It mainly includes: UWB tag, UWB base station, wireless AP, POE switch, positioning engine server, intelligent terminal, etc.

    We explore the market characteristics of various industries and carefully create each product. High standard customization and carefully design each scheme, so as to make the layout simple and the coverage stable. It is applicable to the overall scheme in various fields, integrates the traditional scenes into the smart IOT, and helps the iterative upgrading of the industry.