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Explosive-proof Bluetooth gateway


    Jinou Explosive-proof Bluetooth gateway is developed based on Bluetooth 5.0 version, which can achieve long-distance coverage.

    The longest coverage distance can be up to 200 meters in open environment!

    It can be flexibly used for various application fields of WiFi+ Bluetooth, such as remote control of BLE Bluetooth device, receiving data sent by BLE Bluetooth device and sending it to the cloud server through WiFi.

    It is equipped with explosion-proof shell, which has waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof function, not afraid of the adverse outdoor use environment.

    It can conveniently collect and report data to the server in outdoor and other bad environment.

    It is a positioning communication gateway suitable for factory, tunnel, pipeline and other explosion-proof safety environment.

    It has rich functional configuration. That is, "one gateway" suitable for multiple composite applications, can realize the Internet of Things application scenarios such as far, near, fast, slow, wide, narrow communication and flexible power supply options.

    It has the advantages of strong compatibility, large capacity, wide coverage, low power consumption and low cost of integrated network layout.

    It can be widely used in intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment, unattended monitoring, cold chain logistics, environmental monitoring, smart agriculture, smart factory, smart transportation and other IoT systems in the fields of electricity, oil, industry and mining, medical treatment, food, transportation, agriculture and forestry.

    It can be used in indoor, outdoor, vehicle, navigation, explosion-proof places and other environments.