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NB-IoT Module

Product Description:

    JINOU has lanched a more compact, high-performance, Low-Power-Consumption, Multi-band NB-IoT wireless communication module NBM0101H.
    Which can meet the needs of terminal equipment for small-sized module products to the utmost extent, and effectively helps customers reduce product size and optimize product cost.
    It is convenient for customers to design and upgrade products quickly and flexibly this way.

High coverage, Strong penetration:

    NB-IoT has high receiving sensitivity and strong penetrating power. Which can be used for data transmission in deep well without connecting an antenna at the wellhead.
    NB-IoT’s number of terminal accesses is 50-100 times to GSM, and its network coverage is 20dBm stronger than GSM, and its coverage area is expanded by 100 times.

Parameter Settings:
category parameter value
Working frequency B1 @H-FDD:2100Mhz
B3 @H-FDD:1800Mhz
B8 @H-FDD:900Mhz
B5 @H-FDD:850Mhz
B20 @H-FDD:800Mhz
B28 @H-FDD:700Mhz
Transmit power transmit power:23dBm±2dB
Receiving sensitivity -129dBm±1dB
Antenna option IPEX
Data interface UART:support 4800bps, 9600bps, 115200bps,default 9600bps
Operating Voltage 3.1V~4.2V, recommend 3.6V
Working current 3.6uA @Power saving mode(PSM)
2mA @Idle mode,@DRX=1.28s
250mA @RF emission status, 23dBm(B1/B28)
230mA @RF emission status,23dBm(B3/B8/B5/B20)
80mA @RF emission status,12dBm(B1/B3/B8/B5/B20/B28)
65mA @RF emission status,0dBm(B1/B3/B8/B5/B20/B28)S
50mA @ RF reception status
Data transmission Single Tone:
Multi Tone:
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Storage temperature -40℃ ~ +125℃
Working humidity 5%~95%RH
Storage humidity 5%~95%RH
Package interface Pin

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