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Hospital Indoor Positioning System Solution


Jinou Hospital Indoor Positioning System solution is part of Smart Hospital, adopting advanced Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 technology. By setting multiple beacons and gateway in a certain range, we can provide precisely positioning of patients, medical equipment, doctors, medicine, hospital departments. Jinou Hospital Indoor Positioning System is a new model of modern hospital management and service, it helps hospital improve their medical quality and work efficiency.

  1. High positioning accuracy
  2. Wide range of coverage
  3. Real-time monitoring
  4. Flexibility and portable
  5. Low power consumption
  6. Good security

  1. Patient
  2. With beacon and gateway, we can accurate positioning the patient's current location and movement trajectory, and display on the map in real-time. Once they out of the activity space, the system immediately report to the medical staff. It can effectively prevent the happening of the accident.

  3. Medical equipment management Track
  4. Every machine equipped with beacons, which stores the basic information of it. When the beacon broadcasts in a certain frequency, gateway can positioning in real-time by scanning beacons. And the regulators can check the basic information and movement trajectory, it effectively enhanced the safety of the equipment management.

  5. Identification of the newborn baby
  6. Newborn babies are very similar to each other and there are accidents that parents keep the wrong the baby. Our Jinou Hospital Indoor Positioning System provide a Beacon bracelet to confirm the identity information and position the baby in real time.

  7. Visitor
  8. Visitors can use the App to positioning their current location in real-time and find the right hospital department they are looking for through navigation.