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Medical children monitoring equipment and system


Jinou puts forward a solution for baby monitoring equipment system, which will provide scientific management for modern hospital information system. With the gateway and beacon bracelet, we can locate accurately and provide the identity information of the baby. It also can automatically reporting to the system and notify the family members, medical personnel when the baby were taken away from a certain scope. By connecting the beacon to our App, users can measuring the temperature and humidity of baby’s room, providing a better environment for the baby.

  1. High positioning accuracy
  2. High precision measurement of temperature and humidity
  3. Wide range of coverage
  4. Real-time monitoring
  5. Flexibility and portable
  6. Low power consumption
  7. Good security

  1. Measuring the temperature and humidity
  2. By connecting Jinou App to temperature and humidity sensor beacon, users are able to see the temperature and humidity of the baby's room on their smart phone. The parents can create a better environment for their baby.

  3. Burglar alarm
  4. In order to locate accurately, we can set multiple gateways in a certain range, scanning the beacon bracelet from baby’s hands. If they were taken away from a particular scope, the beacon bracelet will automatically reporting to the system, which will notify the family members, medical personnel immediately, and provide particular location of the baby.

  5. dentification of the newborn baby
  6. Newborn babies are very similar to each other and there are accidents that parents keep the wrong the baby. The Beacon bracelet can save and confirm the their identity information and position the baby in real time.

  7. Route tracking
  8. Based on the positioning function of Jinou beacon bracelet and gateways, the system can record the data and time when the baby with bracelet is taken away by bad people and generating the map.