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Medical equipment network manager system solution


Jinou Tech puts forward Medical device network manager system solution, which helps the hospital efficiently manage the high value and mobile asset with gateway and beacon. Each valuable device equipped with different quality beacons and the hospital will setting up gateway to scan. After completing the information collection work, the data will be aggregated into the background system, which is able to update the location and status information of the asset in real time. It can improve the asset’s transparency and realize the automation of asset management, makes the device more efficient. Ultimately, the hospital increases its asset support capacity while controlling asset holdings and reducing operating costs.

  1. High positioning accuracy
  2. Wide range of coverage
  3. Real-time monitoring
  4. Flexibility and portable
  5. Low power consumption
  6. Good security

  1. Positioning monitoring in real time
  2. With the help of Medical device network manager program, hospital personnel can check the location of valuable equipment at any time. When emergency occurs, they are able to quickly locate the equipment and save more to help the patients.

  3. Anti-lost
  4. When the equipment were taken away from the specific range of hospital, the system will alarm. By checking the movement of the equipment, the security personnel will estimate whether the equipment is taken away from the conventional route and be wrong used by medical personnel.

  5. Inventory management
  6. The medical staff can look up the number of equipment in the background system and set an upper or lower limit. When the quantity is more or less a certain amount, the system will notify the staff. With the help of medical device network manager program, it makes the hospital know more about assets and help the medical staff to make the correct purchasing decision.