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Medical nursing home indoor and outdoor monitoring system solution


Jinou Tech puts forward Medical nursing home indoor and outdoor monitoring system solution, which helps the care workers more efficient and ensure the old people have more security. By scanning the beacon bracelet carried by old people, the gateway can identify the location and movement of the target. The care workers can monitor the movement data on the background system or smart phone, they don’t need to follow the old people all around. The background system can store the basic information, medical history and family contact informationof the old people, thecare workers can directly check the information on the app by scanning their beacon bracelets at any time.

  1. High positioning accuracy
  2. Wide range of coverage
  3. Real-time monitoring
  4. Flexibility and portable
  5. Low power consumption
  6. Good security

  1. Positioning monitoring
  2. To ensure the safety of the elderly, we need to locate accurately, we can set multiple gateways in a certain range to scan the beacon bracelets from old people. If they are accidently left nursing home, the beacon bracelet will automatically reporting to the background system, which will notify the care workers immediately, and provide particular location of the old people.

  3. Route tracking
  4. At the entrance of the nursing home, floor, room, hall and so forth, we place multiple gateway to scan the beacon bracelets of each old people and identify their location and movement. Such as, when the care worker have to take the medicine to old people, they just need to check the background system or smart phone and are able to find the target immediately.

  5. Identification of the elderly
  6. On the first day of the stay, the basic information, health and medical history and family contact information of the old man will be input to the background system, and beacon bracelets have a unique ID number. The care takers are able to obtain all the necessary information that help to know them better by getting the ID number and look it up in the system. Even when accidents happened, the care worker can conduct a better and faster response according to medical history and family contact information in their phone.