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Bluetooth BLE5.0 Data Transmission Module
      Chipset: nRF52832
      Effective distance: 40m
      Size: 26mm*15.24mm
      Bluetooth Specification: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
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    Jinou BLE0305C2P Bluetooth module is an intelligent wireless data transmission product independently developed by our company.
    It adopts a low-cost, low-power, high-efficiency wireless data transmission scheme.
    The module adopts nRF52832 chip and supports the latest Bluetooth specification 5.0 specification.
    The performance is more optimized and intelligent, which is very suitable for portable medical equipment, wearable devices, smart home and other application scenarios.

Functional description:

The BLE0305C2P Bluetooth module implements data transmission through the UART port and remote Bluetooth low energy. After the module is powered on, it will enter the communication mode or configuration mode according to the level value of the ModeSW pin.

In the communication mode, the module is the slave Bluetooth device, and the remote Bluetooth as the master device can discover and connect to the module and perform the data transmission task.

In the configuration mode, the user can configure the parameters of the module, such as the device name, baud rate, and power management mode. In this state, the module cannot be found/connected and is always awake.

With automatic sleep (low power) mode enabled, the module can achieve significantly lower power consumption while ensuring reliable communications. However, after the function is enabled, the wake-up pin is active. When the external processor sends data to the module, the wake-up and hold pin of the module must be set high in advance, and the module no longer enters hibernation. When the data is sent, reset it. Back to low level.

If the application is insensitive to power consumption, the auto-sleep function can be disabled. At this time, the module is in full-speed operation and the power consumption is relatively high. However, when the user sends data to the module, there is no need to control the wake-up and hold.

Parameter index:
Product name BLE0305C2P Bluetooth Module
Bluetooth Specification Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
Working frequency ISM 2.402~2.480GHz
Antenna Build-in ceramics antenna & trace antenna
Effective Distance Build-in ceramics antenna : 40m ; trace antenna : 100m
Communication Port Standard UART
Energy Saving Support BLE mode
Max transmission rate#1 20Kbytes/Sec
Baud rate 1200、2400、4800、9600、19200、38400、57600、115200、230400bps
Power Consumption RF level Class 2(10m)
Not connected (Broadcast interval 2s, turn on low energy mode, turn off the indicator light) 26uA
Not connected (Broadcast interval 2s, turn off low energy mode, turn on the indicator light) 2.24mA
Connected(Open low energy mode)#2 0.28mA
Connected(Full speed data transmission,at 9600 Baud rate) 4.3 mA

Note 1:

This refers to the data transfer rate between two modules, which is related to the connection parameters. The test is done when the connection interval is set to 8. If use different mobile phones and modules to transmit data, the speed may different.

Note 2:

This value varies with the connection parameters, and different master devices may have different values, such as using different mobile phone connection module, the power consumption of the module is different.

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