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CSR8635 Stereo Audio Bluetooth Module
      Chipset: CSR8635
      Effective distance: 10M---35M
      Size: 25mm*14.5mm
      Standard:Bluetooth 4.0, class 2
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  The JO—BC8635 Bluetooth audio module provides a fully integrated solution for delivering high-quality stereo audio in a small form factor.
  It combines a Class 2 Bluetooth radio with an embedded DSP processor, controlled and configured by simple ASCII commands and GPIO.
  It integrates RF, a baseband controller, and DSP, making it a complete Bluetooth audio wireless link.
  The JO—BC8635 supports A2DP,AVRCP,HFP,HSP, It provides a UART interface, GPIO, stereo speaker outputs, stereo microphone inputs, and a USB port.

Scenarios application

Home Entertainment Ecosystem TVs
Smart remote controllers
Wired or wireless soundbars
Wired or wireless speakers and headphones

Scenarios application

ablets / PCs / Mobile Connectivity
Wearable audio (on-the-go)
Wearable audio with sensors (health and wellbeing applications)
Wired or wireless stereo headphones for music/gaming/multimedia content
Wired or wireless speakers
Wired or wireless speakerphones
Mono headsets for voice

Specification BLE4.0/4.1/4.2
Working frequency 2.4GHz
Baud Rate: 3.3V
Protocol SSP,HSP1.2,HFP1.6,A2DP1.2,AVRCP1.4,DI1.3
Audio format Stereo, AAC/MP3/SBC/APTX, Faststream decoder.
Link Maximum 2 Bluetooth at the same time
Standby electricity <1mA
Charging voltage 5V+/-5%
Charging electricity <150mA
Working temperature -40℃ to +80℃
Effective range 10M—35M

  1. This type of module is mainly used in shortdistance music transmission. It can be easily connected to laptop, mobile phone, PDA and other digital Bluetooth products for wireless music transmission.
  2. Bluetooth speakers
  3. Bluetooth stereo headset
  4. Hands-free phones
  5. On-board Bluetooth
  6. Bluetooth wireless transmission of audio