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Bluetooth Low Energy Module  BLE0202C2P

Brief Introduction:

There are 2 wireless modes in Bluetooth 4.0: Basic Rate (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Different from BR/EDR (traditional Bluetooth) and Bluetooth 3.0, characterized by its low power consumption, BLE is used to transfer little data rather than audio and massive data. In order to keep low power consumption, it has simplified hand-in-hand protocol and shortened awaking time. In short time and little data transmission, it only consumes 10% power of traditional Bluetooth. However, in case of long time and massive data transmission, its advantage will not be highlighted by the feature of low power consumption.

BLE0202C2P uses the TI CC2450/2541 chip. Following the BT4.0 EDR. It can be used in medical devices, mobile attachment, sports and health care application. Meanwhile, it can work with iPhone 4S and other Apple devices, regardless of the MFI approval.

BLE0202C2P has embedded the exclusive Bluetooth firmware of Jinou. The customer can set the baud rate and the device name by himself. Characterized by fast connection and easy operation, it can support many kinds of BLE profiles. If you purchase our BLE module, we will provide testing board and test application demo used on iOS & Android smart phones to help you test the module functions easily and quickly.

  1. Excellent stability in data communication.
  2. High anti-interference performance.

  1. Bluetooth Specification: BLE 4.0(Bluetooth Smart)
  2. Working Voltage: 2.7V-3.6V
  3. Average Working Current: 0.1mA
  4. Baud Rate: 9600,you can set new baud rate by yourself
  5. Effective Distance: 10-50m
  6. Working Frequency: ISM 2.400~2.483GHz
  7. Spread Spectrum: FHSS
  8. Working Temperature:-20℃~+75℃
  9. Security Authentication :AES 128-bit

  1. Support master and slave mode
  2. 1-to-1 connection, 1-to-N connection
  3. Support firmware  to upgrade online
  4. Built-in antenna working distance reaches a maximum of 50m
  5. Save energy automatically and support Bluetooth BLE (Bluetooth Smart)
  6. Meet FCC, IC, CE, ROHS standards
  7. Enable users to set the baud rate (1200-115200); modify displaying name; set master/slave mode; set energy saving parameters , etc.
  8. RSSI output and carrier sense
  9. Support multiple profiles, i.e. LL,SMP,L2CAP,ATT,GAP,GATT Built-in profiles:

    LL: control the RF signal

    SMP: manage the storage of the encryption key and ID key.

    L2CAP: band-switching the baseband layer data to packet the high level data

    ATT: achieve the point to point agreement between property client-side and the server.

    GAP: This profile will ensure that the different Bluetooth products can find each other and establish a connection.

    GATT: How to achieve connection communication in BLE including 16 standards.

  1. Bluetooth Smart Lock
  2. Health Care Equipment
  3. Intelligent wearable Equipment
  4. Intelligent House Application
  5. Bluetooth Weighing Instrument
  6. Bluetooth Printing Device
  7. Bluetooth Keyboard, Mouse, etc.
  8. Sporting Equipment
  9. Bluetooth Anti-loss Device
  10. Bluetooth Self-timer
  11. Bluetooth Badge, Bluetooth Beacon
  12. Bluetooth Wristwatch
  13. Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor, Glucose meter.
  14. 4.0 BLE Adapter