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TI CC2640 bluetooth module
      Chipset: CC2640
      Effective distance:30M
      Size: 19mm*10mm
      Standard: BLE 4.0/4.1/4.2
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Product information:

CC2640 SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® Smart Wireless MCU.

The CC2640 is a wireless MCU for Bluetooth Smart applications.

It’s a economical and efficient 2.4GHz RF device with ultra-low power consumption, belonging to the CC26xx family. The very low active RF, MCU current and current consumption in low-power mode can ensure an excellent battery lifetime and allow the operation on small button cells in energy-harvesting applications.

The CC2640 contains a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor running at 48MHz as the main processor and a rich peripheral functional set, including an independent ultra-low power sensor controller which applies to connect the external sensors and/or collect the simulated and digital data autonomously when the system is in sleep mode.

Because of this, the CC2640 becomes the ideal choice for all kinds of applications which make great attention to batteries’ lifetime, small size, simple and practical features.

The Bluetooth low power controller is embedded into ROM and runs independently on the ARM Cortex?-M0 processor. This architecture can improve the overall system performance and power consumption and release flash memory for the application.

Scenarios application

Building Automation
Security System
Industrial Field
Logistic, Manufacture, Automation, Tracking Management

Scenarios application

Smart Lock
Smart Lighting
Beacon, Advertisement, Shelf e-tag, Price tag
Health and Medical Care

Bluetooth Specification BLE4.0/ 4.1/4.2(Bluetooth Smart)
Working Voltage 1.8V-3.8V
Standby Current 1μA
Baud Rate 9600bps (default), or 2.4k~115.2kbps
Effective Distance 30m
Working Frequency ISM 2.400~2.483GHz
Spread Spectrum FHSS
Working Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Security Authentication AES 128-bit
Receiving sensitivity -97dBm
Transmission effective rate 10KB/S


Building Automation

Smart Lock

Smart Lighting

Security System

Industrial Field

Logistic, Manufacture, Automation, Tracking Management


Beacon, Advertisement, Shelf e-tag, Price tag

Health and Medical Care