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Bluetooth BLE5.0 Data Transmission Module

Product information:

There are 2 wireless modes in Bluetooth 4.0: Basic Rate(BR/EDR)and Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE). Different from BR/EDR (traditional Bluetooth) and Bluetooth 3.0, BLE is used to transfer little data rather than audio and massive data. This is because its low power consuming character. In order to keep consuming low power, it simplified hand-in-hand protocol and shortened awaking time. In short time and little data transportation, it only consumes 10% power of traditional Bluetooth. But if in long time and massive data transportation, its low power consuming character won’t show its advantage.

Jinou low energy Bluetooth module uses TI BLE chipset, which supports Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. It can be used in power consumption sensitive situations, such as commercial medical care, mobile accessories, sports and healthy application. The module supports multiple roles to establish multiple connections simultaneously, namely it can connect other BLE devices and can be found and connected by other BLE devices at the same time.

Product name Jinou Bluetooth BLE5.0 data transmission module
Bluetooth Specification Bluetooth BLE 5.0
Working Frequency ISM 2.402~2.480GHz
Antenna Build-in ceramics antenna
Effective Distance Connecting: 60m Broadcasting: 100m
maximum connection 3
Communication Port Standard UART
Max Transmission rate Note1 Master→slave 45Kbytes/Sec
slave→Master 48Kbytes/Sec
Baud rate 1200、2400、4800、9600、19200、38400、57600、115200、230400、460800、921600bps
Power Consumption RF level Class 2
Not connected (Broadcast interval 2s, turn on low energy mode, turn off the indicator light) 54uA
Not connected (Broadcast interval 2s, turn off low energy mode, turn on the indicator light) 2.1mA
Not connected ( Open scan function, broadcast interval 2s, turn off low energy mode, turn on the indicator light) 4.5mA
Connected(Open low energy mode)# 2 0.34mA
Connected(Connect interval 10ms)# 3 2.3mA
Connected(Full speed data transmission, broadcasting interval 2s, connecting interval 10ms)# 4 6.0mA

# 1: This refers to the data transfer rate between two modules, which is related to the connection parameters. The test is done when the connection interval is set to 8. If use different mobile phones and modules to transmit data, the speed may different.

# 2 3 4: This value varies with the connection parameters, and different master devices may have different values, such as using different mobile phone connection module, the power consumption of the module is different.

  • Bluetooth remote control lock
  • Hospital monitory equipment
  • Smart wearable devices
  • Smart home
  • Bluetooth electronic weight
  • Bluetooth printer
  • Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, joystick and other consumer electronic devices
  • Sports fitness equipment
  • Bluetooth anti-loss device
  • Bluetooth self timer
  • Bluetooth remote control device
  • Bluetooth tag, beacon
  • Bluetooth bracelet, watch
  • Bluetooth blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter