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Temperature and humidity monitoring of logistics warehouse

    Jinou warehousing / cold chain logistics system uses a variety of high-precision temperature and humidity monitoring products, which can monitor the temperature and humidity data of production, storage, transportation, positioning and other links in real time.
    The temperature and humidity data can be displayed on site and transmitted through Bluetooth and other wireless networks.

Real time temperature and humidity query
The system can use data, real-time curve to display the temperature and humidity data of the current cold chain equipment.

Temperature and humidity information


Early warming and alarm of high temperature


Door opening and closing information

Display the current temperature and humidity data of cold chain equipment.

  When abnormal conditions occur, the system will start early warming (Show reminders and record).
  Add door magnetic induction, and the system will automatically record opening and closing information.



Operation Log


Data analysis

In the map interface, it will synchronously displayed the temperature and humidity data and storage location information.

  The system will automatically record all operation such as run/stop the system, User login/logout, parameters modification, and etc. Make sure every situation is well documented.   The system can analyze, view and compare various data by means of charts and curves.

Data record, clear and accurate
Temperature and humidity data, transportation route track, SMS sending record, operation log, etc.; offline storage; manual or automatic backup, data export and import.

  Background interface management
Provide image interface to query basic information
  Precise position
The system can define the specific location information of the sensor.
  Display temperature curve
Display temperature change curve according to position information.
  Historical temperature query
The system supports querying historical temperature fluctuation curve.

Alarm notification
User can self-define upper and lower line temperature threshold. When it is not within the defined range, it can give audible and visual alarm and remote notification.

Wide compatibility
The system can access third-party software to quickly build upper application system.


Intelligent data analysis, worry free assistant
    The system can use charts and curves to analyze, view and compare various data. Multiple parameters of different time periods can be selected as data sources for analysis, and the generated images can enlarged, reduced, dragged, and changed according to the situation, so as to better view the analysis results.

Application everywhere

Temperature and humidity of cold chain in pharmaceutical storage

Drug Administration
Drug storage
Cold chain distribution
On line monitoring of temperature and humidity

Hospital temperature and humidity monitoring

Refrigerator, freezer
Blood specialty
Clinical Laboratory

Temperature and humidity of Library Archives

Monitoring System

Automatic monitoring of computer room environment

Monitoring System
Computer Room