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Motion sensor module
15mm * 12mm
0.59in * 0.47in

Product information:

Ultra small sensors, dynamic and accurate motion measurement sensors, combined with real-time display software systems, achieve motion capture. It can be customized according to customer needs and used with a shell. Inertial sensor solutions are suitable for animation production, gait analysis, biomechanics, ergonomics, virtual anchors, sports training, medical diagnosis, and more.

Motion Analysis

Use the motion sensor module to collect athlete movement and posture data, and analyze and study the characteristics of these data, so as to help coaches scientifically and quantitatively analyze and correct athlete movements, identify correct training methods, and improve athletic performance.

Robot cooperative control

It can achieve high-precision real-time indoor positioning and motion tracking, and collect and track real-time posture data, joint angle, and other kinematic data. Secondary development through software.

Animation Effects and 3D Character

It can integrate body motion capture to drive virtual 3D characters in real time, and can also be used in motion capture studios, animation training rooms, and motion capture studios to quickly achieve film and television animation special effects production, game development, etc.

   General parameters:

CommunicationTTL 9600 ~ 460800 bps
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 85℃

   Specific parameters:

Range ±2g/±4g/±8g/±16g (choice)
RMS ±2g0.061mg/LSB
Temperature drift±0.1mg/℃
Sample frequency 1KHz(MAX)

   Gyroscope range:

Range ±125/±250/±500/±1000/±2000dps (choice)
RMS ±125dps4.375mdps/LSB
Temperature drift ±0.015dps/℃
Sample frequency 1KHz(MAX)

   Pitch and roll angle parameters:

Dip angle accuracy0.2°
Temperature drift±0.5°~ 1°

   Heading angle parameters:

Dip angle accuracy0.5° (accumulation error)
Temperature drift±0.5°~ 1°