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Wearable Motion Sensor Capture System

    The wearable motion capture system uses wearable motion sensor beacons as the acquisition device, and mobile phones or gateways as the terminal, which can continuously output high-precision and high-frequency kinematic data.
    Users can create 3D models based on the collected motion data to realize terminal applications.It not only has high adaptability to the capture environment, but also has the outstanding advantages of advanced technology, high performance and convenient use.

Easy synchronization with third-party systems

The nine-axis motion sensor has outstanding advantages of high sensitivity,
high transmission rate, wide applicability and easy operation. It supports
real-time and offline collection of acceleration data, and the collected
data can be sent to the mobile app or gateway via BLE technology.

Nine-axis design for more accurate collection.
Flexible wearing. According to the
characteristicsof the movement,
wear it at the joint where data
collection is required. Strap design,
adjustable size,
360 °all-round capture of movements.
Well applicable to outdoor,
laboratory, desktop, workplace.
Optional waterproof solutions according
to the application environment.

Applicable to both people and objects.
Able to be built into objects.
Golf Club trajectory:
Tilt angle
Club trajectory
Initial direction

 Nine-axis Motion Sensor Parameters    Gateway Parameters
 Category  Parameters    Category  Parameters
 Chip  nRF52832    Chip  nRF52832
 Operating frequency  ISM2.402 ~ 2.480GHz
 (Step 2MHz)
   Operating frequency  ISM2.402 ~ 2.480GHz
 (Step 2MHz)
 Bluetooth specification  BLE5.0    Bluetooth specification  BLE5.0
 Modulation method  FSK    Maximum scanning
 100 ~ 300m
 Maximum transmitting
 +4dBm    Simultaneous connectio  20 pcs
 Maximum received
 0dBm    Connection  200~300 pc
 Maximum transmission
 25m    Average Power  120mA@12V,max
 500mA(when use WiFi)
 Sensitivity  -95dBm at ≤ 0.1% BER    Working temperature  -20℃ ~ +65℃
 Working temperature  -20゜C ~ +70゜C    Power supply  12V 1A power adapter
 Storage temperature  -55゜C ~ +125゜C    Network  RJ45/WiFi
 Power supply  Built-in lithium battery    Network Protocol  TCP/IP, DHCP
 Working battery  lithium battery
 3.7V 400mAh
   Protocol  LM, LC, LL, SMP,
 Charging power  5.0V±5%,
 Imax = 250mAh
   Size  20cm * 12cm * 4cm
 Size  4.9cm * 3.7cm * 2.2cm      
 Antenna  2450MHz±50MHz,50Ω      
 Safety certification  AES 128      
 Acceleration acquisition
 -2g~+2g/ -4g~+4g /
 -8g~+8g /-16g~+16g
 Gyroscope angular
 velocity acquisition range
 1000dps 、2000dps
Core competitiveness