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6-Axis Accelerometer Sensor Beacon User Manual

1.1 Brief Introduction

    The 6-axis accelerometer sensor beacon is a new generation of sensor product based on Beacon technology developed by Chongqing Jinou Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd . This product can send the collected acceleration data information to the mobile phone or gateway through the beacon broadcast.

1.2 System Diagram
Pic 1. System Diagram of Accelerometer Sensor Beacon

2.Product Features
2.1 Bluetooth Module Features
  • Built-in antenna, effective distance can reach 30 meters in empty space
  • Comply with FCC, CE, ROSH, etc.
  • Precise display of signal strength
  • Accelerometer testing function
  • Settable collecting frequency and collecting range

2.2 Main Technical Parameters
Bluetooth Version BLE5.0
Working band ISM band 2.402~2.480GHz
Spread-spectrum mode FHSS
Voltage 2.7~3.3V
TX Power 0dBm
Transmission range 10m~30m
Operating temperature -40゜C ~ 85゜C
Storage temperature -55゜C ~ 125゜C
Size φ34*10mm
Antenna specification 2.4G, 50 Ohm
Safety certification AES 128 bit
Accelerometer collection range -2g~+2g, or -4g~+4g, or -8g~+8g, or -16g~+16g
Angular velocity collection range 250dps、500dps、1000dps or 2000dps
Measurement accuracy 1%
Range of accelerometer and gyroscope -32768 ~ +32767
2.3 Power consumption

    The factory defaulted setting: data collection interval is 1 second, turn on the accelerator, and turn off the gyroscope.

Working State Power consumption(mA)
Broadcast (The fixed Interval is 1 second) 60uA
Connect the Bluetooth to turn on the accelerometer 0.2mA
Connect the Bluetooth to turn on the accelerometer and gyroscope 0.5mA

2.4 Applications
  • Motion monitoring
  • Near-field location


    Please use 1pcs 3V CR2032 battery to power on the sensor, and the battery direction is shown below. Install battery with correct direction, and the sensor’s LED indicator will flash once. After power on, the device will remain on until the power run out.


  1. Laptop PC: Freefall Detection
  2. Cell Phone: Image Stability, Text Scrolling, Motion Dialing, E-Compass
  3. Pedometer: Motion Sensing
  4. Portable Handheld: Text Scrolling
  5. Navigation and Dead Reckoning: E-Compass Tilt Compensation
  6. Gaming: Tilt and Motion Sensing, Event Recorder
  7. Robotics: Motion Sensing