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Agricultural Sensor Beacon

1.1 Brief introduction

    Agricultural sensor beacon is a new generation sensor based on beacon technology developed by Chongqing Jinou Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. It can send data (data of temperature, humidity, light intensity and ultraviolet collected from ambient environment) to a mobile phone or gateway by beacon broadcast. After connected, it can keep getting those information.

1.2 System Diagram

2.Product Features
2.1 Bluetooth Module Features
  • Built-in antenna, effective distance can reach 15 meters
  • Automatic energy saving, supporting low power mode
  • FCC,CE,ROSH certificates
  • Precise display of signal strength
  • Monitoring data of temperature, humidity, light intensity and ultraviolet
  • Settable collecting frequency
  • Sensitivity:<-88dBm at < 0. 1% BER

2.2 Main Specifications
Bluetooth standard V5.0BLE
Working band ISM band 2.400~2.483GHz
Spread spectrum method FHSS
Voltage 2.7V-3.3V
Tx Power 0dBm
Transmission range 15m
Operating temperature -40゜C ~ 85゜C
Storage temperature -55゜C ~ +125゜C
Standby current of connecting Bluetooth approximate 0.2mA
Antenna specification 2.4G, 50Ohm
Safety standard AES 128bit
Temperature measure range -40℃~ + 85℃
Temperature measure accuracy ±0.5゜C between 15゜C ~ +40゜C
±1゜C between -40゜C ~ +85゜C
Relative humidity measure range 0 ~ 100%
Humidity accuracy ±4.5% RH between 20~+80% RH
Ultraviolet measurement range 0 ~ 15
Light intensity measurement range 0 ~ 83886.08 lx

  1. Used in goods storage, such as electronic products, food, wine, leather and fur clothing etc.
  2. Used in smart farm, such as plants cultivation and animal breeding.
  3. Used in climate monitoring.
  4. Used in daily life. For example, you can use it with humidifier or air-conditioner. Then you can create a good environment in your daily life.
  5. Used in freezing transportation.
  6. Used in logistics tracking, greenhouse, buildings, baby house, hospitals, etc.