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Bluetooth Beacon BLE (Push Button)


The controllable switch BEACON is a specially designed Beacon based on Bluetooth 5.0 (single mode) technology, with switching function.
Nordic's nRF52810 is adopted as the core processor, which has the advantages of low power consumption and fast connection speed.
Beacon works in slave mode and is compatible with ibeacon and eddystone protocols.
Users can select the mode through parameter settings.
Push Button
The push button can control on / off conveniently.

2.Product Features

(1) Low-power standby: Bluetooth BLE5.0 technology is adopted, and the power consumption is 300nA in shutdown mode.
(2) Power supply mode: CR2032 button battery power supply.
(3) Device name: user-defined.
In the running state, press and hold the key for 1 second to release, and the indicator light flashes for 3 times to enter the shutdown state; In the shutdown state, briefly press the button, and the indicator light will flash once to enter the operation state.

Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.0  
Compatible ibeacon/eddystone  
Battery model CR2032 Coin battery, 3.0Vdc, 1 pc
Operation Frequency 2400-2483.5MHz Programmable
Frequency Error +/- 20KHz  
Modulation Q-QPSK  
Standby current 46uA Depends on duty cycle / broadcasting frequency
Broadcasting Frequency 2S Duty cycle
Output Power 0 dBm Default setting, programmable
Receiving Sensitivity -93dBm High gain mode
Transmission distance 25 meters BER < 0.1%, Open space
Antenna 50ohm On board / PCB Antenna
Case Size 42mm * 8mm  
Operation Voltage 2.2-3.6V DC

  1. Health care product (heart rate, pulse, etc.)
  2. Motion wireless sensor (passometer, etc)
  3. Digital product
  4. Mobile phone wireless accessory
  5. Wireless sensor.
  6. Wireless Alerter (Bluetooth anti-lost)
  7. Fashionable customized cover and firmware services
  8. Kinds of sensors can be added to use it in logistics tracking, greenhouse, buildings, baby house, hospitals, etc.