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Smart Temperature Sticker Monitoring Solution


    Type: JO-BEC21
    Size: 6cm*7cm*2mm
      or 2.36in*2.76in*0.08in

  • comfortable, use medical non-woven fabric
  • Use medical adhesive paper, less pain when removal
  • One time use, no need to purchase consumables
  • Safe medical grade materials, anti-allergy
  • Precision embedded world-class temperature sensor, in line with medical accuracy


Product Description

    In the application of Smart Temperature Sticker Monitoring Solution, user do not need to use traditional thermometer , and just need to wear a temperature sticker, and the body temp can be collected in tome and transferred to cloud server by Bluetooth gateway.
    And the temp data can be shown in terminal devices.
    So there is no need for the doctor or nurse to measure the patients’ body temp frequently.
    And they can check the tem data in terminal devices such as phone APP or other display device.
    The monitoring solution will effectively reduce close contact of health care staff and the patients, thus greatly reduce contagious risk.
    The monitoring solution not only ensures staff safety, also reduces labor cost and enhance working efficiency.
    Facing the infectious diseases, the body temp monitoring solution helps health care staff easily measure temp changes at any time.
    Also, after the patients wear the temp sticker, his temp data will be monitored 24h a day without disturb.
    So the patient can have sufficient time to rest.
    Meanwhile, the temp sticker works in BLE broadcasting mode which consumes very little power.
    Thus 1 smart temp sticker can be used for more than 20 days.



    APP can monitoring many stickers at the same time. And by using gateway, the system can monitoring hundreds users at the same time.



  Product name   Disposable medical temperature sticker
  Main structure   Temp sensor, battery, medical non-woven fabric, APP
  Application   For measure body temp only
  Size   6cm*7cm*2mm
  Weight   6g
  Measurement range   25.0℃-45.0℃
  Measurement accuracy   ±0.1℃
  Temperature unit   ℃ / ℉
  Validity period   One time use
  Continuous working time   >20days
  Bluetooth signal range   10M
  Supported device   iphone 4S+ /Android V4.3+
  Safety   AES-128 encryption
  Battery   CR2016