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Bluetooth Smart Platooninsert
Remote control each jack via APP
Record switching time
Bottom control each switch
Casual combination of control unit


Jinou smart Platooninsert enables us to power on/ off the specified home appliances through smart phone or other smart devices with network connection. That means we can totally control home appliances even if we are at work, on the way, on a business trip, or in travel. Using the smart platooninsert, we may save much electricity and money; opening while using, smart Platooninsert is your first choice! ODM/OEM: Meanwhile, it can be applied to power-line-carrier, integrating telecommunication and power transmission.

  1. Used in smart Appliances
  2. Used in Non-long-term power supply control, such as lighting appliances, kitchen appliances ,family video equipment etc.
  3. Used in Bottom control each switch, such as office, home , even in car.
  4. Used in remote control each jack via APP
  5. Used in record switching time.

Bluetooth Specification BLE 4.0/4.1/4.2
Support device Android 4.3+ / iOS6+
Rated current 10A/15A
Rated voltage 220/110VAC
Socket outlet Line and seat are optional. Default: 3 lines - 6 seats
Control distance 10M-15M
LED 3 LEDs. Indicate on/off status of each line. The first LED also indicates pairing status.
Button 3 buttons. 1 red and 2 blue. Control on/off of each line. The red button also works as pairing buttom. 
Timer Can control 3 lines to work in different time.