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Bagsunny Smart Anti-theft Handbag User Manual

Bagsunny Smart Anti-theft Handbag User Manual:

  Bagsunny is an emotional intelligent with magical social functions.

  Bagsunny not only looks fashionable and shiny, but also has a variety of intelligent sensors built-in, which makes the bag have a variety of intelligent functions.

  It can change different emoticons set by users in advance according to the changes of temperature and humidity in the weather and display them on the bag body, also can show special emoticons to express their feelings to the people around. For example, if the girl likes the boy besides her, the girl can set an shy emoticon showing on the bag.

  Besides, Bagsunny also adds an intelligent anti-theft system to protect your bag in a 360-degree way.

  The inside zipper makes it difficult for thieves to open the zipper.

  If the bag body cut by a knife, then Bagsunny and its connected mobile phone will send an alarm sound at the same time.

  When it's cold outside, Bagsunny will feel cold with you.

  When you are in the dark, Bagsunny will feel afraid with you.

  It can not only identify the user but also can feel happiness, sadness and joy together with the user, helping you connect with the incredible external world through advanced technology!

Product Name Female intelligent handbag
Color Blue
Material Patent leather PU
Lining material Patent leather PU
Weight 600g
Working voltage 5V
Shoulder strap length Adjustable
Accessory Coin purse
Bottom metal support Yes
Charging device Optional
Memory card Optional
Connector USB2.0
Usage Handle/Portable/Single-shoulder/Crossbody
APP IOS/Android
Size 35*15*25cm

Ⅱ. Function Description:

1.Image changing with temperature: the screen can automatically change the image according to the change of ambient temperature, and also supports users to manually add and adjust the image.

2.Image changing with illumination: the screen can automatically change the image according to the change of surrounding illumination intensity, enabling users to manually add and adjust the image.

3.Image changing with motion state, with built-in motion sensor. It can change the image according to the user's motion state, supporting the user to manually add and adjust the image.

4.Anti-theft reminder: the integral handbag is equipped with double anti-theft silk design. If someone deliberately cuts the handbag, the bag will automatically sound an alarm.

Ⅲ. Operation Instruction

1.Download an App of Bagsunny.

2.Connect Bagsunny to the Charge Pal. There is a USB2.0 interface reserved in Bagsunny's built-in bag.

3.Turn on Bluetooth in mobile phone, pair and connect Bagsunny.

4.Select an preferred image and upload it to the APP.

5.Set an display mode and start using.

Ⅳ. Features

1.Customize exclusive emoticon, which vary with temperature, illumination and motion state; Support APP control and image management.

2.Selected anti-wrinkle patent leather, stylish and gorgeous, comfortable touch, fine workmanship, preferred quality

3.Compatible with IOS and Android system

4.Built-in preferred dense wire, anti-scratch and anti-theft, automatic alarm

5.High efficiency, low power consumption, strong processing, power saving