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CSR1010 Bluetooth Mesh Networking Module


Mesh modules use CSR101x chipset. Using star shape network and relay technique, each net can connect more than 65000 nodes. Nets can also connect with each other. Finally, thousands Bluetooth Smart devices can be connected or controlled by the same phone or tablet or PC. This plan is mainly used in Smart Home and Internet of Things. Generally, the transmit distance of BLE nodes is only 50 meters. But while using relay function of this chipset, signal can transmit to further devices wave by wave, just like billows in the sea. And it can pass back signal such as temperature that those devices collected. The network can also apply to indoor locating, industrial, medical care and other fields.

    Standard Bluetooth 3.0 EDR
    Working Frequency ISM 2.402~2.480MHz
    Antenna Embedded antenna
    Effective 25 m-45m(82ft-148ft)
    Power Save Automatically save power, support low power consumption working mode
    Power Consumption Sleep 4uA-140uA
    Connected 300uA
    Mesh 1.5 - 2 mA


Wearable devices (smart watches, Bluetooth bracelet, bracelet) Bluetooth serial port devices, Bluetooth wireless industrial control Health care, intelligent household Bluetooth wireless vehicle monitoring and diagnosis, car OBD detector Industrial and security Bluetooth wireless control and data acquisition, Bluetooth wireless instrumentation Bluetooth hand-held devices, portable printers, Bluetooth transmission, Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner Bluetooth wireless joystick and game controllers.