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Mesh Network Light Control by App

Smart Phone Control LED

Download APP and install in the phone, pair with the Bluetooth and achieve every functions. Do not need fumble the button, just turn on/off from the App. Turn off the light in the bed, Turn on the light on your way home. Timer on/off. Use the timer option to schedule actions, turn your led light bulbs on or off at specific time. Wake up in the morning to your favorite colors. Come back home to a bright and well lit house.

Rich Multiple Colors

Connect the drive circuit through Bluetooth module’s PIO port to respectively control red,  green and yellow LED to make up tens of thousands of colors by modulating different PWM.  White LED is connected separately. PWM can be controlled by special APP so that you can program lights through the mobile phone,with myriad colors being modulated theoretically. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES - Personalize your lighting with a color palette of tens of thousands of colors and a variety of tones of white.    It is easy to change color temperature from 2000k soft warm white to 9000k soft cool white, and each color can be dimmed. The color options will help you change and elevate your mood, not to mention the purely decorative possibilities, all at your fingertips! SMARTPHONE CONTROLLED - Take control of your lighting from your smart phone. App will enable you to control a single bulb or groups of bulbs and control them together. We use a top designed App,rather than a mediocre outsourced app. TIMER MODE - Use the timer option to schedule actions, turn your led light bulbs on or off at specific time. Wake up in the morning to your favorite colors. Come back home to a bright and well lit house. The possibilities are endless. GREAT QUALITY AND ENERGY SAVING: High quality with great design and good performance of reducing heat will extend the life of product.It is as bright as a 40W-60W traditional light bulb,reducing the power consumption.

Music Scene Features

LED and music playing can be controlled by device snewest iPod,iPhone, iPad and Android 4.3 and above version. You can search music and establish a playing list, and then click the list to start playing. You can also arbitrarily freely change the ambient lights color by modulating on App color disk easily. It is widely used in home decoration and arrangement on various occasions to liven up atmosphere. LED controlling can be easily achieved by with Bluetooth technology. In this way, you can experience the convenience of household LED controlling and enjoy the intelligence and pleasure of applying Bluetooth technology to LED controlling. As you probably know, LED bulbs are one of history’s greatest high-tech success stories.Their power consumption is about 90% less than incandescent bulbs,and can last for 25 years or more.They will bright to the fullest instantly upon being turned on. And now here is a smart bulb revolution. You can control the bulbs with a smart APP- turning on and off switch and then can dim them, change the color and even play the music. A wireless music and lighting system will change the way you play music at your home or in your office. It's designed to work with smart phones.and can fit any standard light socket or lamp. You can play music from the App and modulate bulb colors automatically. Choose from normal, Jazz, Rock or Classical settings to control the transitions.It is great if you want to relax and unwind after a long day off, make your kids bedtime an enjoyable experience or help start holding that party. 


Kids’ room: Stories and soft songs will help the kids sleep at ease.Party:You can enjoy happy hours with your friends through this smart audio bulb. Home audio-and-video room: You can enjoy high quality home theater. Hotel, restaurant and cafe: Colorful and romantic environment will make the guests happy and comfortable. Pub:DJ will control the whole site through LED.

  1. Smart LED bulb with Speaker, allows to combine light with music, control both from your mobile device.
  2. Bluetooth function: convenient to paly music, easy to change between music.
  3. Remote control: easy to operate, turn on and turn off, and adjust the light
  4. Music player: high quality music, ensure you real enjoyment.
  5. LED lamp: environmental and green, light your life up as night light.
  6. Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled digital devices.
  7. Bluetooth Mesh Networking
  8. Timer on/off