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Bluetooth Mesh Networking LED Lamp Bulb

Product description:

Bluetooth Mesh Networking LED Lamp adopts low power and efficient intelligent CSR1010 bluetooth 4.0 module. By operating the corresponding App, users can control LED light switch, color, anytime and anywhere set the switch time and brightness, color temperature controls the lamp group through wireless bluetooth.

Specification of Mesh Networking (OEM and ODM):
  • Self-healing and self-forming capabilities AES
  • iOS and Android APP can control :ON/OFF and Change color ; LED lighting with 0-10V dimming
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Lighting Watts ranging from 16W - 300W
  • Support mobile phone from one light access networks
  • Support multiple hop transmission control instructions
  • No central node, any damaged light will not affect the whole network

  • Bluetooth v4.0/v4.1
  • Low power consumption
  • Working power unit is counted as uA
  • Embedded 512 RAM memory
  • Multiple leads interface: PIO/UART/SPI/AIO/IC
  • Monitor clock function