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Smart Street Lamp

Powerful Networking Capability

Powerful Networking Capability MESH network is composed of each street lamp, sockets and other devices. Phone can control one or many or groups of lights and other electrical appliances. 


In recent times, mesh network has emerged as a leading choice for technology companies and end users. A preference for wireless networks, robust communication and minimum human intervention has made mesh networks an area of interest. Jinou Bluetooth mesh network lighting is a lightweight, robust and energy efficient protocol. Jinou Bluetooth mesh network lighting can be extended in various domains including smart home, smart hotel, factory, hospital,mart school mesh, agriculture,streetlights, festival etc. It is a highly customizable algorithm and can be adjusted according to your special needs. The smart mesh algorithm has been designed to make it not only highly customizable, ut also a far-reaching and energy efficient algorithm. Technologies used till now have included RF and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).


Customizable hops for longer reach Over the air firmware will upgrade without extra memory Various application areas Energy efficient Small data footprint


Support up to 6.5w lights Self-healing and self-forming capabilities AES 128-bit encryption Support mobile phone from one light access networks Support multiple hop transmission control instructions No central node, any damaged light will not affect the whole network


Street lighting: Multiple street lights form a mesh network. By using the gateway device we will be able to turn individual lights ON, OFF or dim them and to find out which individual light is faulty and requires maintenance.School lighting: Lights in specific areas can be switched OFF completely while some other areas can have DIM. Smart home lighting: Internet connectivity will allow the user to remotely control the appliances Festival lighting: Lights in different area areas can be of different colors and brightness. Smart hotel lighting: A variety of of lighting effects as well as convenient maintenance and management.