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Real-time temperature monitoring system
Through the long-distance Bluetooth
transmission technology, the patients' body
temperature can be monitored all day. Medical
staff do not need to take the temperature of
the COVID-19 patients one by one, which can
effectively reduce the labor intensity of
medical staff, reduce the risk of infection
and improve work efficiency.
People wear a thermometer bracelet. The
bluetooth gateway can automatically
collects temperature data in classrooms,
offices and other environments on campus
and upload them to the background. If a
person with high temperature is found, the
background can also use the bracelet to
locate and track this person and quickly
screen out other people who are in close
contact with him.
Office Working
Use the Bluetooth IoT thermometer gun to take the
temperature and then use it to scan the QR code of
the staff. The staff's temperature data and
identity information will be uploaded to the
background via the Bluetooth gateway. Each staff's
temperature data will be automatically formed into
one database. Data can be shared in realtime, one
file per person, to achieve long-term tracking
management of the staff's temperature.
Real-time temperature monitoring system
Product Introduction
1. Bluetooth gateway
.Automatic search
The gateway has been powered on will
automatically establish a TCP connection with the
set server and start the uninterrupted BLE
searching function, which will feedback the MAC
address, device name, broadcast type, broadcast
content and real-time signal strength of the BLE
devices around to the server in time.

.Support various devices
Any devices that conform to the BLE specification,
the BLE gateway can monitor them.

.Free operating cost
Bluetooth adopt the 2.4G frequency band that is
open globally. Operating cost is free.
 Product Name  Bluetooth gateway
 Bluetooth Specification  Bluetooth V5.0
 Frequency Range  2.402G ~ 2.480GHz
 Bluetooth Protocol  LC、LM、L2CAP、ATT、GATT
 Internet Protocol  TCP/IP、DHCP
 Average power consumption  120mA@5V
 Scan Distance  30M
 Working Temperature  -20~65℃
 Size  106mm * 106mm * 30mm
Product Introduction
2. Detection Device
Thermometer bracelet Temperature sticker Thermometer gun
 Main structure  Temp sensor, battery,
 medical non-woven fabric, APP
 Application  For measure body temp only
 Measurement range  25.0℃-45.0℃
 Measurement accuracy  ±0.1℃
 Temperature unit  ℃/℉
 Continuous working time  >20days
 Bluetooth signal range  10m
 Supported device  IOS/Android
 Safety  AES-128 encryption
Temperature sticker:
1. comfortable, use medical non-woven fabric.
2. Safe medical grade materials, anti-allergy
3. Precision embedded world-class temperature
sensor, in line with medical accuracy
4. Gateway can monitor temp in time and upload to
server. Background system can set alarm for High
and low temperature.
5. APP can monitoring many stickers at the same time.
And by using gateway, the system can monitoring
hundreds users at the same time.

3. Software system  

     Jinou bluetooth gateway can be flexibly applied to a variety of bluetooth application
    scenarios, not limited to temperature testing, compatible with the advantages of ow
    power consumption, low cost, versatility.

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