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Bluetooth Modules

Minimum size, minimum power consumption,
and maximum distance module.

Classical Bluetooth modules, BLE modules,
dual mode Bluetooth modules.

Chip: CSR, TI, Dialog, Broadcom, Telink, etc.

Bluetooth Gateway / Router

iBeacon management, IoT product network management,

as well as smart city, smart home, intelligent education,

sensing device, meshnetworking and other network management.

Bluetooth Serial Adapter

Bluetooth RS232/RS485 Serial Adapter for 10 and 100 meter

Classical and BLE

Male and Female


Wearable Motion Capture System

Nine-axis motion sensors and data acquisition system
Sports Technology Analysis and Teaching
Physical Rehabilitation Training
Technical Action Evaluation
Fatigue Evaluation
Virtual Reality

Real-time temperature
monitoring system

Facilitate the Resumption of Work in
Enterprises and Schools.
Possess Effective Scheme of Fast Data
Acquisition for Body Temperature.
Adopt IOT to Set up the Safe Door of
Epidemic Prevention

Social distance system

Intruding incident information including
ID / time / duration recorded in tracking bracelet

Bluetooth gateway received the contact broadcasting of bracelet and
upload its to server. The server will store and analyze data and display
relative information in display port.


Online Education
Bluetooth Gateway

Used for Single-user, the written data is returned to the corresponding
single binding account without distinction.

Used for Multi-user.

Support multiple Bluetooth dot matrix digital pens to
connect and use at the same time, and synchronous demonstration.

UWB Indoor Positioning

Micro base station Micro tag

Anti-interference High penetration

Ultra narrow pulse Frequency conversion modulation

TDOA Positioning

Central processing unit

Adaptive 3D positioning

Logistics temperature
and humidity monitoring

Temperature and humidity information

Early warming and alarm of high temperature

Door opening and closing information

Remote real-time monitoring / Operation Log / Data analysis


Sensor Beacons

Speed sensing,

pressure sensing,

movement monitoring,

Temperature and humidity measurement,

light induction, and UV induction.


Compatible with ibeacon and eddystone
Android 4.3+, iOS 7.0+
Indoor location
Storage and logistic
Person identification and tracking
Ads pushing

Long Range Modules

  • NB-IoT Module

  • LoRa Module

Bluetooth Serial Adapter

Bluetooth RS232/RS485 Serial Adapter for 10 and 100 meter

Classical and BLE

Male and Female

Smart Light Mesh network

Group management

Time setting control

Cloud server control

One smart device and control at most 65000 nodes

Bluetooth Mesh Networking Smart Lamp Control System


Wireless smart water meter solution

PCB hardware solution

Software customization

APP customization

Integrated product system solution

Smart home

Integrated Smart Home products and solution

Smart Home Cloudy management system

Smart Home accessories

Smart medical manager system solution

Hospital indoor positioning system solution

Medical equipment network manager system solution

Medical children monitoring equipment and system

Medical nursing home indoor and outdoor monitoring system solution